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What Is? Or Why Is Back Your Yard?

Hi! My name is Sean and I founded Back Your Yard in 2021. The journey all began with a strong passion for the lawn and landscaping industry. The allure of transforming outdoor spaces and meeting great people along the way is what truly drove me to establish Back Your Yard.

My roots run deep with an unwavering enthusiasm for the art and well being of taming outdoor spaces.

My main priority is your needs and outdoor spaces and what I can do to improve them.

"Working With Nature's Canvas."


Nature provides a canvas like no other, relishing at the opportunity to collaborate with it.

Your outdoor space is more than just a lawn, plants and trees. It is a living, breathing part of your home.

Through expertise and a love for nature I can help maintain or create a visually stunning and ecologically balanced landscape.

"Affordable Standardized Pricing."

One of the driving forces behind the creation and success of Back Your Yard is the studying of the industry and doing an intense amount of research so clients can have access to standardized pricing for most services. The philosophy here is that everyone who desires, wants and or needs outdoor property services should be priced reasonably within the limits of getting the job done correctly while also having better access to funding for future expansion opportunities.

"Join Our Amazing Client Base."

I invite you to join the amazing client base of Back Your Yard.

Back Your Yard isn't just another lawn care business, through nurturing living masterpieces, a high level of dedication, community involvement, customer service, price to value satisfaction and more it has become a business that helps reflect a glowing essence of pride around your home.

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